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Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy

ms1Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy includes the treatment of a variety of common problems such as:-

Spinal Problems: slipped disc, back pain, sciatica, stiff or painful necks, whiplash injuries.
Joint Problems: osteo-arthiritis, rheumatoid arthitritis, ankylosing spondylitis, frozen shoulders.
Soft Tissue Injuries: tennis elbow, tendinitis, repetitive strain injuries.
Orthopaedics: rehabilitation after fractures, dislocations, joint replacement surgery.
Sporting Injuries: ligament, cartilage or tendon damage.

Treatments include using a range of skills and techniques including manipulation and massage, stretches and exercises, electrotherapy or acupuncture when appropriate and advice on prevention.


All physiotherapists at Oakley Physio are Chartered Physiotherapists. Achieving Chartered Physiotherapist status means that a physiotherapist must go through rigorous degree-level training for at least three years. After passing exams, they become state registered and qualified to work alongside medical teams in the NHS and in private practice. Therefore you are in the safest hands when visiting them at the Clinic for treatments.