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Pilates is a body conditioning method that targets the deep postural muscles in the back and abdomen, building strength and control from the inside out. It focuses on good posture, bringing the body into its correct alignment and adding slow controlled movements of the limbs to challenge the balance. Joseph Pilates was the founder of this exercise regime and designed them for elite athletes. The exercises we teach are modified versions by the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute which break them down into 5 different levels so they are suitable for everyone, from novices to Olympic athletes.

Individuals can be seen at Oakley Physio or in their own homes and classes are held in Box Rooms, in Radcliffe (M26 1AL) and run by Lisa Miller. Class times are:

Tuesday Evenings 7.45pm (women only) and 8.30pm (mixed).

Classes are £6.50 or £30 for a block of 6 classes.

All abilities are welcome as Lisa will tailor exercises to the individual.

 Please contact us for further details. 


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