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Most women will experience some sort of back pain during their pregnancy. Increases in levels of the hormone elastin soften the ligaments around the low back and pelvis to allow for the growing baby and the birth. Weight gain and the expanding abdomen alter the curve in the lower back and can put stress on the joints of the spine and pelvis.

The laxity in the ligaments coupled with the dominant muscles pulling on the joints can lead to asymmetry of the pelvis which is usually the reason for the more severe pains felt typically when turning over in bed, getting in and out the car, climbing stairs and walking any distance. Stability of the joints depends greatly on the lower stomach muscles which are stretched during pregnancy.

Physiotherapy can often help. Mobilisations of the joints, massage, stretches and strengthening of muscles can be effective in reducing pain and discomfort. Using a pelvic support brace and crutches can be useful to reduce the forces through the pelvis in more severe cases.


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