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Words from past patients who thought we did a good job!

Amazing. Thank you for making me feel better. You do an amazing job Rivka. Also you need to join Lisa's Fabulous Pilates class it really makes you feel good and improves your posture and well being x



A HUGE thank you to Oakley Physio!! When I came to them, I could barely walk from a torn calf muscle. 4 weeks later with their amazing treatment and wonderful guidance I can walk, jump, jog and look forward to returning to sport very soon. Me and my calf thank you!!




"Thank you so much for treating and healing my sciatic pain.Your treatment was wonderful plus the personal attentionthat you gave me helped me with my recovery. A very grateful patient.”


 "After my car accident I was in a lot of pain and contacted Lisa to see if she could help me.  At my first physio session she explained what I had done to my neck, shoulder and back and what we would need to do to correct it.  After 3 or 4 sessions I started to see a great improvement, and with the additional excercises Lisa gave me to do at home I was really on the mend.  I found Lisa very friendly and very easy to talk to which helped with some other issues related to my accident.  After several sessions I felt so much better that we decided there was no need for me to keep going to physio and that I could keep up my excercises at home to keep the improvements going. 

I have recently been is pain again and contacted Lisa to arrange another session, within an hour she managed to reduce the pain and it was a great releif as I had a 10 hour flight the following day.

I have nothing but praise for Lisa and her colleagues, they have always been very helpful and professional and I would highly recommend them.  If I need treatment again I will definitely go back to Lisa."



“Rivka is a very caring and exceedingly competent physiotherapist.  One could not (literally) wish to be in better hands.”  



 “After a severe ACL reconstruction, I was advised that it would take between 9 and 12 months of physiotherapy before being able to run and do any impact sports.However after the first three months of therapy With Rivka, my consultant was baffled by the progress and he even congratulated her on my achievements.The professional modus operandi  coupled with her "no nonsense" approach and tough regime (perfectly suited to my undisciplined nature!) of specifically targeted exercises, enabled me to start running after 6 months and playing football after 7.I would highly recommend Mrs Goldblatt to anyone who needs a speedy and safe recovery from an injury or operation." A M, Salford


 "Good old-fashioned physiotherapy that works !! Rivka is not one for using ineffective heat / massage machinery ......... she uses the most effective machines available ..... her hands. Brill !!" G S, Salford


 “I consider it my good fortune to have been recommended Rivka Goldblatt of Oakley Physiotherapists for treatment for my back problem. Having had many unsuccessful visits to other physios who applied heat, ultrasound, acupuncture etc, it was only when Rivka treated me with ‘hands-on’ treatment that I was afforded relief from my chronic back condition. Together with this and the excellent advice about my posture and home exercises, I have been relatively free from pain. I would recommend Oakley Physiotherapists to anyone with medical problems that need physio treatment.” 


  “Having been looked after by Deborah for the past 6 months I can only say what a wonderful service she gave me 
Encouraged me and pushed me to new goals 
I can only say they were fantastic.” HH, Salford


  "When I had my first consultation with the Rivka, I was just recovering from an operation to repair a ruptured Achilles Tendon and was walking with difficulty, and with a very pronounced limp. Ten sessions later, I am doing regular four kilometre runs and have just returned from a successful skiing trip! Thanks to Rifka, I have regained full use of my leg and feel much fitter than even before my accident ! Ten out of ten for the treatment, advice and professionalism given!" RS, Salford


"After suffering from neck pain resulting in severe headaches for the past 6/7 years, I decided to attend the clinic. Following an initial consultation and 8 follow up sessions I have been delighted with the results. Apart from the obvious relief in pain, it was important for them to establish the root cause of the problem. I was given excellent advice as to how to prevent further problems and given suitable exercises to do, which has made a huge difference. I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to either Rivka or Lisa for their excellent and professional service." 




"I was very impressed with the attention I received at the practice; a very professional, effective and efficient service. I would recommend to anyone looking for physiotherapy in the Manchester area." AMc, Ramsbottom


"After injuring my back whilst playing football, I was suffering chronic pain so bad it was preventing me from sleeping. After being informed by my GP that I would have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment of NHS treatment, I decided to take alternative action. I booked an assessment with Oakley Physio. Rivka firstly assessed the problem, gave me treatment and then showed me a series of exercises which relieved the pain and furthermore improved my posture. I thoroughly recommend this clinic for anyone in the same situation as they really have made a difference." 


"When I first went to have my physio treatment I wasn't sure at all what was causing my pain, however Rivka straight away was able to locate the cause and she started the treatment immediately. I was made to feel at ease with the explanation I was given and making follow-up appointments was easy due to the flexibility of the practice. The exercises that were recommended to me to help stretch the muscles also helped speed up my recovery and overall I think Rivka was brilliant and very professional. I would definitely recommend the practice to anyone needing physio treatment and if I ever were to need a further assessment I will be going back there." 



"I came to see rivka with acute back pain, which even too many painkillers wasn't touching much. As a working mum, i just can't afford to be 'out of action', let alone in agony. 
I made an urgent appointment for the same day, and not only did i feel miles better after and could i move, i felt i had been listened to and was dealt with in a caring and professional manner. If i ever suffer with any type of muscoskeletal pain again, i'll make an appointment asap!
Thank you so much" MH, Salford



"Thanks very much more looking after my back problem recently. It is now well on the way to full healing. I particularly appreciated the "hands-on" approach, rather than relying on electronic gadgetry ,which has been the case at other physios I have seen in the past."  DC, Prestwich


Rivkah Goldblatt is a miracle worker. I would recommend her and her clinic anytime for any pain/problem you may have.  She is very professional and helpful. I first went to her after having an MRI scan on my left ankle. I was advised to have Physio but when I went to Rivkah I unfortunately didn't have my results with me..... But I didn't really need them as she knew exactly what was wrong with my ankle and treated me immediately! 5 star service for me


This is a great place. Rivka Goldblatt is an outstanding physio. I strongly recommend her, and have traveled all the way from Las Vegas to utilize her services.